Club Info


HVSC is a premier outdoor facility located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Club is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.

Our seasonal aquatic club features three swimming pools:

  • A state-of-the-art, zero depth pool for small children and their parents
  • A large, activity pool accommodating a wide range of play including water basketball and water volleyball. This pool also includes a diving well with two one meter diving boards and one three meter board.
  • A ten-lane competitive pool for lap swimmers and swim team

Revered for its mature trees and park-like setting, HVSC offers fun for the entire family. Situated on 60 acres of property, HVSC hosts a large picnic grove with grills, ground level trampolines and trampoline based games, 6 tennis courts, play structures, a basketball court, soccer field, and nature trails. There is no better place to spend your summer!

What We Have to Offer

  • 10 Lane, 25 Yard Competition / Lap Pool with Walk-out Stairs
  • Actitivity Pool with Diving Well
    • 1 meter diving boards (2)
    • 3 meter diving boards (1)
    • Water Volleyball
    • Water Basketball
  • Zero-depth Leisure Pool
  • 6 Tennis Courts (New in 2013)
  • Newly Renovated Tennis Shelter
  • 2 Four Square Courts
  • 2 Tetherball Games
  • Concrete Ping Pong Table
  • Nature Trails (1.3 Miles)
  • Spacious Picnic area Under Mature Trees
  • 40+ Large Picnic Tables
  • Shuffleboard
  • Tennis Practice Wall
  • Regulation Basketball Court
  • Soccer Field with Goals
  • 3 in-Ground Trampolines
  • 2 Trampoline Games
    • Jumpshot
    • Spaceball
  • 2 Sand Volleyball Courts
  • 2 Play Structures and Sand Area
  • 20 Pilot Rock Charcoal Grills
  • Firepit
  • Covered Picnic Pavilion
  • Outdoor Kitchen Facility
  • Bathroom
  • Open-Air Locker Rooms with Showers


What is the cost?

$2,000 initiation fee payable over three years ($1,000, $500, $500) plus family dues which are currently $1210 for 2018.

How many families get in each year?

Usually between 35 and 50 families.

What is the guest fee?


What are your hours? Is there an adult lap swim time?

Yes, see calendar for times.

  • Open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day
  • Mondays Noon – 9 pm
  • Tuesdays through Sundays, 9 am – 9 pm
  • Hours are shortened prior to school getting out in June and there are sometimes limited weekend hours one or two weeks after Labor Day.
What facilities do you have?

A ten lane/25 yard lap pool, a large activity pool with three diving boards, a leisure pool, three trampolines, space ball, 6 tennis courts, hitting wall, sand volleyball, basketball courts, shuffleboard, 4 square, ping pong, large picnic area and covered patio. There is no snack bar.

What lessons/activities are offered?

We offer swim, dive, trampoline, tennis lessons and water aerobics. Swim, dive, and tennis teams are also available. There is an additional fee for these activities.

How old do my children have to be in order to stay at the club without an adult?

12 years. Children under 12 need to be directly supervised by a parent or sitter at all times.

Can a babysitter watch my kids at the club?

Summer babysitter passes are available. Registration forms are available at the club after opening day or under the "Forms" link above.

What is the age limit for adult children to be eligible to use the club under their parent’s membership?

Unmarried adult children under the age of 27 years old may use the club as a member of the family.

Can an adult child over the age of 25, no longer living at home, use the club?

Yes, with the appropriate guest fee and prior permission from the manager.

Can I have a party at the club?

Yes. Approval for a party needs to be submitted in writing 10 days in advance of the proposed party and is subject to availability, staffing, limitations (noted in other FAQ's) and is at the discretion of the club manager. We do not accept requests for parties until opening day.

Can I reserve the pavilion?

No, the pavilion is only reserved for club events (new member social, adult party, swim/dive/tennis team banquet, etc.) Parties may use a section or a portion of the pavilion on a first come basis.

Can I schedule a school/class party?

Huron Valley is a private club and school parties are not permitted for safety/liability reasons and to assure that all members can enjoy a tranquil environment at the club.

What is the policy regarding severe weather?

The staff monitors the weather radar and announcements are made if a storm is approaching. In severe weather, the pool and facilities are closed until the weather passes or a minimum of 30 minutes after lightning has been sighted or thunder heard.

Can I have a sports drink or small snack in the pool area?

The health department does not allow food or drink in pool area. Please be aware that some of our members and guests have severe allergies to nuts and do not expect to have to worry when they are in the pool area. For this reason, all coolers, picnic baskets or bags must be left in the picnic area.

Do I need to pay for my guest if they are not using the pool?

Yes, all guests on the property need to be signed in and the proper guest fee paid.

Is there a Lost and Found?

Yes! Please label all clothing, towels, etc and every effort will be made to return your items to you. At the end of each month, unclaimed items are donated to charity.

Where do I park if the lot is full?

The overflow parking is the large grassy area on the east side of the drive as you enter the club. Please try not to park under the pine trees on the west side- they are dying. Please drive slowly!!

Is there an orientation for parties or people unfamiliar with the club?

Yes! A manager or staff member would be happy to meet your party, give a brief description of the rules, and answer any questions your guests might have.

Is it okay to play in the creek?

The creek is a beautiful resource and a potentially dangerous situation. All children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult/parent. Everyone playing in or near the creek MUST take a soap shower before entering the pool area (after playing in the sandbox, too!).

Can I have a bon fire in the evening?

Yes, we have a small fire pit in the picnic area that is for member use. You must alert the manager on duty if you wish to have a fire and an adult must supervise during the bon fire and extinguish the fire completely afterward. If the weather is particularly dry or in periods of ozone alert days, fires will not be allowed.

Do I have to share a lane in the lane pool?

Yes, during busy times, especially after work hours (4-7pm) many people want to use the lane pool at once. The pattern of circle swimming, staying to the right side of the lane, will allow more than one person to enjoy the lane at a time.

Can I buy guest passes?

Discounted packs of ten guest passes are sold beginning Opening Day and are available until June 15. After that time, guest passes are sold at the regular guest rate. Guest passes are not refundable and do not carry over at the end of the season.

Is it okay to swim if I have been sick recently?

Do not swim if you have had flu-like symptoms, diarrhea or vomiting in the past 24 hours. There are certain bacteria that are resistant to chlorine.

Can my child use a lifejacket or swim suit with floats in it?

No, Personal flotation devices and artificial means of support are not permitted. They give parents and non swimmers and beginners a false sense of security. Children and Adults are not allowed in swim areas that are above their abilities. If you have a question about ability levels, please see the manager on duty.

Does HVSC offer a lifetime membership?

Lifetime memberships have been granted in the past to members who are 85 years old or older and who have been members of the Club for at least 20 years. When granted, a lifetime membership allows the member to use the club at no charge for the current season and future years. Guest fees apply for anyone invited who is not a member. New lifetime memberships are granted at board discretion based on an annual review of club membership which includes, but is not limited to, the following: Number of active members; Number of senior members; Length of the wait list; Number of new lifetime memberships to be granted during the current season; current financial and economic state of the club. Lifetime memberships are granted before opening day.


The Founding of Huron Valley Swim Club

In the early 1950’s, many young professional couples were clustered in Pittsfield Village and Pittsfield Park. The men were beginning careers in law, medicine, engineering, banking, real estate, and coaching: the women were keeping house, producing babies, and enjoying kaffee klatches and bridge games whenever possible. During the chatter over a bridge table in late summer of 1957, the conversation turned to the need for Ann Arbor to have a private swim and picnic club. Ruth Ann Strack, Barbara Hodgson, and Lola Borchardt decided to enlist their husbands and form a planning committee (later to be come known as The Founders).

The strategy was to recruit a representative from each of the professions necessary to bring such an idea to fruition. Seven couples formed the membership of this early committee. Committed to the creation of the Huron Valley Swim Club, they spent countless hours working to bring this about.

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The Founders met weekly. They shared ideas and visions, which resulted in a couple of ironclad principles, that continue to be upheld 50 years later. Huron Valley Swim Club (HVSC) was NOT to be a country club; and no food was to be sold on the premises (excluding swim meets). The dedication, energy, hours of thought, and toil which the Founders put toward their dream, set the standard for volunteerism at HVSC. The many improvements realized since are testimony to all the self-sacrificing volunteers who have used their minds and skills. HVSC remains in the forefront of the proliferating community of swim clubs in the area.

During these early months of planning, Jack Borchardt, a civil engineering professor at the University of Michigan, spearheaded the search for a suitable pool, complex site. Jack knew gravel, drainage, septic fields and a host of other technical factors that required evaluation before a final decision on location could be effected. In the fall of 1957, picnic baskets in hand, the Founders toured several prospective locations.

In the end, based largely on Jack Borchardt’s recommendation, the Founders set their sights on the 60-acre site fronting Park Road in Scio Township. This exceptional parcel of land was large enough to accommodate the pools, plus future facilities. It also boasted a splendid grove of hardwood trees, ideal for a picnic area. Interestingly, the second choice for land purchase is now home to Chippewa Swim Club, which opened two years after HVSC.

So, where to get the $30,000 to buy the land? Under the leadership of Ann Arbor Trust (now Key Bank) banker Tom Dickinson did the math; the goal of 400 memberships at $250 each was set. The Founders put all their Christmas card lists, social and professional club lists, neighbors, and miscellaneous friends into a master list. Everyone on the master list was sent a prospectus describing the project. It began, “A perennial conversation piece in the Ann Arbor living rooms has been the dire need for a comfortable, accessible, modern swimming pool- a private pool where congenial families can gather to enjoy a wonderful summer of swimming, sunning, and playful recreation.”

On September 10, 1957, this initial letter was followed with an invitation to join and to come to a meeting at Room 3–S in the Michigan Union at 8:30 pm on Tuesday, September 17th. Membership applications would be accepted at the time with a $50 deposit “to acquire land options, make test drillings, pay incorporation fees and defray other miscellaneous expenses.” The actual family membership was set at $250. Apparently there was a good turnout, but Treasurer Dickinson reported to the Committee on October 11 that as of that day they had 159 members, “a disappointing but a good start.”

Another invitation on November 25th stated that the land had been purchased with construction to take place in the spring of 1958. It extolled the site’s natural scenic beauty, the favorable soil conditions, the ample water supply and its location “scarcely two miles from the city limits.” The letter warned that the membership was filling rapidly, and indeed by the summer of 1958 the 400 Charter Members had been subscribed and the membership fee had risen to $300. A resigning member would receive back $250 as long as the space could be filled. That practice continues today.

A division of labor envisioned by the wives stayed on course during these formative years. Attorney John Laird handled legal details, inherent in all these transactions; and realtor John Sharemet dealt with the real estate technicalities. Dr. Paul Hodgson did considerable research on playground equipment, and he had a patient who made all the picnic tables. Diving Coach Bruce Harlan and then assistant basketball coach Dave Strack, the first Board president, used their expertise to develop program and management goals along with the aid of the Committee and many Charter members. All of them worked long hours in the early summer of 1958, scrubbing iron toilets from Lansky’ Junk Yard for the bathhouse, installing a drainage septic field system, planting trees and installing grills.

The Founders engaged in much discussion crucial to the successful completion of the project. Among the choices were the selections of contractors for pool construction and the original bathhouse (beautifully replaced last year). The James Patterson Company of Columbus received the pool contract following a trip to the Columbus headquarters to view a Patterson installation. A local contractor, Paul Peltes, was given the task of building the bathhouse.

On July 19th, the day before the pool was to open, the water was so murky that the bottom could not be seen. However, chemicals applied worked their magic and the pool was joyously inaugurated on July 20th, with Don Dufek as the first manager.

In 1960, the managerial reins were taken over by Jim Skala, and then the legendary Newt Loken came on board for 12 years. Newt was the popular U-M gymnastics coach, and he brought many of his students to the club as guards, teachers, performers, or all of the above. We Old Timers remember the zany July 4th and Labor Day antics by weirdly dressed young men hurling themselves off the diving boards, and we fondly reminisce about the Labor Day bonfires in the dark with Newt doing a little soft shoe to “Tiny Bubbles” as summertime sadly came to a close.

It was also during Newt’s tenure that he asked, -and the Board granted-permission to install trampolines. This instantly became a stunning success, supplementing the tennis courts, which had been installed in the early 1960’s along with shuffleboard courts (later replaced with the lap pool). Huron Valley was able to offer its youth instruction in swimming, diving, tennis and trampoline, not to mention competitive experience in the local swim and dive meets.

John Orcutt, Newt’s assistant manager, jokingly said that he would never equal the Loken tenure, but then he went on to serve as Manager for 24 years until 1996. John’s gruff manner did not successfully mask is generous nature, and one sight that never failed to warm the cockles of the heart was of John leading the ladies in aqua-aerobics in his Speedo. He trained legions of lifeguards, gave them responsibilities and insisted they be met, and worked tirelessly to keep the aging machinery functioning.

So now, the first 50 years of Huron Valley Swim Club operation has passed. The success of the organization has met and exceeded the expectations of the Founders. The Club remains strong, with a perennially lengthy waiting list for membership. HVSC has been true to its roots as a family oriented enterprise. Members have continuously given their time and talent to this operation. The remarkable competitive swimming program is the envy of all the area swim club organizations. All of the past and incumbent members may take due pride in this history.

The Founders

Jack and Lola Borchardt
Tom and Jean Dickinson

Bruce and Fran Harlan
Paul and Barbara Hodgson

John and Peggy Laird
John and Daryl Sharemet

Dave and Ruth Ann Strack